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1st Health Fair - nervous!!

I am going to be doing my first Health fair this weekend and was wondering if anyone has any tips for the day?
Do i wear my uniform?
What equipment should i bring?
What literature shoudl i make avaialble?
Any advice would be so appreciated!!
Many thanks Jess xx


Hi Jess,
By Health Fair - do you mean an holistic health fair or is it something else.
I haven't done one but I would take literature on yourself i.e. your leaflet, your card. A map of the foot is useful too so they can be shown the reflex points etc.
Look smart wear your uniform if you are comfortable with it, if not something that you are ok with.
Take a recliner chair if you have one, couch roll, a pillow, towels - talc, powderor lotion whichever you use. Wipes. Water and Disposable cups. Clock or watch. Your seat if one is not provided for you.
Theres probably loads of other things. Enjoy it.
Luv Binah


Thanks Binah, thats a great help.
i am a bit worried i havent got a screen, will i need one i wonder? i have seen them used at fairs before but think perhaps it would be better for the person to be on view then others can see what i am doing, but if i had a screen i woudl take one.
Anybody any ideas for a DIY screen?


Hi Jess-
Just popping in to wish you lots of success this weekend. Remember to ENJOY yourself!!! ;)


Thanks Leigh!
I have just had a look at your website, its lovely and gave me a real warm feeling as i browsed it.
I would love one day to move to spain and carry on with my healing there, one day......ahhhh.....
Jess xx


Hi Jess!
I can't offer much advice as I'm only just qualified and have as many questions as you! The screen is an interesting idea, and I wonder if people recommend these or not.... Any other tips are very welcome!
By the way, where is your first health fair??!! There is a great one near me this weekend at Tapeley Park (Health and Harmony Weekend), between Bideford and Barnstaple in North Devon. I would love to do a weekend there (last weekend of May, June, July, August), but a bit like you have sooooooo many questions, and a bit scared to go for it....................
Good luck! I can't be of much help, but do let us know how it went!


Thanks Jess- I'm glad you liked it (it's only been going about a month or so- still lots to do!)
You never know, you may very well live here one day- I'm from South Africa and have been living here for 6 years now and couldn't imagine ever living anywhere else again. (Costa Brava on the Mediteranean)


thanks so much for advice and encouragement!!
My fair went so well, i was kept busy all day and could of done double the amount of clients, I have also been asked to come back each month for another event they have on!!
I had one of the best positions in the fair as well.
I know a few of you on here have same beliefs as me, and i really feel that spirit were looking after me yesterday and want to thank them also for helping me with this opportunity.
I still have so much more to learn but i am enjoying every minute and every discovery!!
Jess xx

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