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Additional reflexology worth doing or not ?

Hi everyone :)
Does anyone have any views, advice or experience with the additonal VTCT course ? I am currently nearing the end of my diploma level 3 and have the option to do the additional refelxology as an extra qualification.Im not sure what it will allow me to door specialise in does anyone have any thoughts or information ! many thanks
Sue x


I was thinking of doing this also. I have the VTCT Dip in Reflexology and was wondering what it involves. I think it is just in more detail. To an A level standard I am led to believe. I have decided to specialise though in 'maternity reflexology' dealing with pregnant clients during their pregnancy and during labour maybe.......
The Denise Tiran website is very good for this. She is also mentioned in the FHT magazine. Think she may have an article in each mag. It may be worth speaking to LearnDirect and asking them what colleges in your area may do advanced reflexology and what the coursework contains.
Good luck in your search. Maybe 'google' could help too.
Best wishes
Trace x


The additional techniques include hand reflexology. But its more than that. Over and above what you may have done in the VTCT RX Dip (previously named certificate depending on which year you did it), there is much more anatomy and physiology which includes illnesses and conditions - and how to treat them. There are also 60 case studies to do. (opposed to the 25-30 in their 'ordinary' diploma)
This qualification is more likean AOR course except that it has yet to include business studies and marketing and more on the historical development. But if you wanted to join the AOR, you would be well on the way to doing so.
Having said all that, both courses are in line with theNational Occupational Standards and allow you to get insured and to practice professionally.


Hi there Sue
I would recommend that you do some research to find out what else is out there as further training goes. You won't be short of ideas I'm sure, as there's a whole world of all things reflexology out there! If you join a professional association and they have a journal, you will probably find all sorts of adverts for further training. One thing you might want to read into is ART, which was founded I believe by Tony Porter. Reflexologist friends who've done ART speak about it very highly.
Do you have any friends who are AoR members? The Association holds one day seminars a few times a year on all sorts of interesting topics, and they are an inexpensive way of exploring different aspects of your therapy. Members can take non members along and you only pay a little more I think. If you take a little look at I've a feeling they may list forthcoming seminars on there.
Enjoy your research - I regard reading up on courses as a sort of window shopping! Gosh, how sad that sounds... :D


I was thinking about doing additional reflexology Vtcta few weeks ago because like most of youI feel hooked on reflexology and i just wanted to learn more.[8D]
Ive since found a really good Post Graduate Holistic course that does Advance reflexology and many other things:
[*]Certificate in Counselling Skills[*]Indian Head Massage[*]Either Advanced Aromatherapy or Advanced Refl exology[*]Holistic Colour Therapy[*]Holistic Crystal Therapy[*]Stone Therapy[*]Advanced Relaxation and Visualation Techniques[*]Hopi Ear Candle Therapy[*]Alexander Technique[*]Yoga
Ive got a interview on monday, and ive already spoken to the tutor and she said that you can use your pervious case studies towards the 60 you need?(Not sure if thats right)
Anyways i will keep you posted.
Course starts Sept07
Bye for now


That sounds incredibly like the course at Northbrook College where i studied. Is this so?
C.L x


:)Hello C.L.
Yes its Northbrook.
How did you get on?
bye for now


Hi Hallos
I did alright there. I did the Diploma in Holistic Therapy and then did the Post Grad course which you are doing.
I fininshed my post grad last June and was lucky to find work straight away.
Yes you are right in thinking that you can put your cast studies towards the 60 hours you need. I would get on with that a.s.a.p if you are offerred a spacebecause there is an amazing amount of work to do. The counselling skills involves a lot of work too. I must say that i enjoyed my time there and i made some great friends which i still see now.
When i was there, the yoga was a six week course and so was the Alexander Technique. It was just a little insight. We didn't do the Stone Therapy and i know some of the Post Grads on this years course and they didn't do anything either. I know that the college are always looking on improving their course and material, which is great.
Hope you get on ok on Monday
Take care
C.L x


:)Hello Again,
Thanks for getting back to me.
Yes im a bit worried i might be taking on too much as im on my own with three children under 10.
But im really interested in hopi ear, advanced reflex,counselling and crystals.
What would you say was the best treatmentyou havelearnt?
Why didnt they do hot stone?
Did you get just one qualification for all or separate ones?
Sorry about all the questions.

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