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A reiki experience

A few days ago, I was healing myself in bed before going to sleep as I usually do. I was kind of nodding off, when I felt something "shift" inside me. It felt like a really big thing and made me jump. I came round a bit after this. I carried on my healing but I could feel something above me. I opened my eyes and could see an area of energy above me. It was made up of black and gray energy, looked a bit like fat snakes, and it was swirling around and moving in patterns. I felt scared because I didn't know what it was, but then I made myself just relax and carry on healing and after a few minutes it disappeared.
I think something big from my past had been cleared by this, but I don't know what it was. Has anyone else had any similar experiences? Or any ideas as to this type of thing?


The only thing similar to this that I have experienced is large blobs of what looks like white smoke hovering around my bedroom whilst I've been self healing. I have also seen this 'smoke' at Reiki shares I have been to. I started seeing this smoke just after I had my Reiki 2 attunement. I did start tothink Icould beimagining it. But my partner who dosen't even believe in Reiki and is skeptical about everythinghas seen it. He walked into our bedroom one day and said he could see a huge wispy white blob behind me. I hadn't mentioned anything about this to him before that either.
My theory is that this must be visible energy. Maybe what happened to you is that negativity inside you was removed and that is what you could see hovering above you.
I have tried looking this kind of thing up on Google etc but I've never been able to find anything about it. I am fascinated to find out if other people have seen anything like what you have described or seen the 'smoke' that I have seen.................
Sorry if I haven't really been much help but I just wanted to let you know that I believe you and I have seen something similar :)
Neon x x x


Thanks for the response Neon, it's definitely interesting. I have seen energy before (with my actual eyes rather than with my minds eye) but it has never looked like this, lol,[&:]. Nevertheless, I am sure it was some form of energy that I saw. I would like to know more about these things.
It's great that your partner saw the blobs of smoke too, at least he doesn't think you are going mad, lol. Luckily when I told my partner, he just accepted it and it was like water from a ducks back.
I am inspired to do a painting of it, if it turns out to be any good, I may post it on here.


WOW!!! That is totally spooky - Last Monday 17th April, I was lying in bed and I asked for some help with an issue I've been struggling with over the Easter Holidays. My eldest son had lost his memory stick containing all his A level coursework for Physics and Product design (6 months of research and digital photos etc.) and he only realised it was missing during the Easter holidays, when the college was shut. Anyway to cut a very long story short - I had felt assured that it would turn up and had had 'signs' that it would. He went back to college after the hols and to his dismay no one had found it. That night having resigned himself to the fact that it had gone, he started to redo everything and faced weeks of hard work and late nights to catch up. I felt so angry that night, that when I lay in bed I challenged my guides and angels to show me that they were around, as my faith in my psychic and spiritual beliefs had been severely challenged as I had been so convinced that it would show up and it hadn't.
I gave myself Reiki and meditated for a short while and when I opened my eyes, I saw exactly what you described - I described it to my husband as being like the milky way crossed with the white fuzz you get when the telly's not tuned in, only much brighter and with little snaky shapes flitting around - I just lay there totally amazed by the light show above me. After a while it disappearedso I closed my eyes again and opened them to see if it would reappear and if it was some trick of the light because my eyes had been closed. It didn't appear again, but I was convinced that I had seen something significant and powerful.
The next morning,during hismid morning break, my son sent a text to say that his memory stick had turned up! - a tutor had found it in the back of the PC he had last worked on before the Easter holidays and the tutor had not handed it in to lost property or told any of the staff what he had found.:)[sm=1syellow1.gif]
The whole experience has taught me a lesson in trust and taught my son a lesson - that is to backall his work up on his computer at home[sm=idea.gif]

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