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"What's that all about then?"

While I was out (window shopping)yesterday, I spent much time around crystals & stones, very enjoyable[sm=1syellow1.gif].
By the time I got home I was aware of pains in my head and my eye's were hurting (felt like someone was shining an ultra bright light into them, constantly)[:'(].
Have experienced the same symptoms every time I'm in "their" presence, could anyone please shed a little light on this for me?
I can only discribe it feeling like I have excess energy!!
Is it dangerous? Is there anything I can do? What's actually happening here?:)


Hi Jackie
Is there any particular crystal that always crops up when you are in 'their' presence? It could be one particular stone that is not good for you. have a think.
Love & light


Another thing to watch out for, I will sometimes get a headache when going into some crystal shops, in others I don't get a headache. This has led me to believe that the crystals were in some way not happy as I question where do a lot of these crystals come from? How have they been mined?
It's like the crystals are screaming, I can't explain the feeling, this is what I've picked up from the crystals.
Love and light
Rosi X


I know when I went on a crystal workshop, I was feeling fine, then when I sat down I kept coughing, someone asked me if I was unwell and I replied that I was fine - didn't really know what the matter was, and the lady that was taking the course said it would be the energy from the crystals affecting me (there where loads there!)


Hi guys
Some crystals will come to you because they recongize that we need them...even if we do not realize this ourselves...with Apache's coughing it was possibly a case of the Throat Chakra...needing to express yourself in some way...therefore one of the crystals connected to that Chakra...was making its presence known.
This could also have been the case for Crystallove, maybe something was on your mind that needed to be brought to the perhaps you were ignoring it...then the Crystal concerned will reach out...
However, us being us...we do not always reconize this and often the energies become so intermingled that we just cannot understand what is happening, also there are times when we are feeling a little low or are unprotected (If I am going into a crystal shop unknown to me I will always try to remember to protect myself first)[&:]
luv & peace
stormdeva x

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