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Hi everyone
Currently doing A&Plevel 3vtct with a private college. Its alot of home study and have to sit a test on the sections, skin, circulatoary etc every month. The book I need to work from is form Marlin Products a great book with brill diagrams also each section has the test section which needs to be completed before you sit the test at the college.
I'm finding it hard due to time and things not settling in my brain very well ! I have completed 4 of the sections and test and need to do 3 more I believe before my final exam which is what I would like some infor about. Is the vtct A&P multi choice ? does it have diagrams that need to be completed ? any information about the exam to help me revise and tips on revising would be great, I'm a mature student, it all seemed so easy in my younger days (36 but feel 96 with all this learning. Many thanks to anyone that can help. Love & laughter to all


The VTCT exams are all straightforward multiple choice. However, your college may give a mock exams etc to prepare you....Ask them for details!
Good luck


Thanks mysterious me, Will ask when I see her, have had a stand in tutor of late. x


I've just completed a VTCT level 3 diplomas A&P (I know what you mean about feeling your age, I'm 43 and some of it really made my brain hurt :D. Definately multi choice (25 questions) and for most of the questions I would say that at least 2 of the possible answers where obviously wrong if you read the question properly. My biggest hint would be just that, in the exam read the question carefully, they do phrase some things very oddly.


im due to do this paper in the next few weeks !!
and im also
anything that stands out that you can remember would be good for a heads up !!!


Please can anyone help me with the VCTC exam. I am sitting it on 16 May 2007. Been told alot more indepth than expected. Had alot on this year and finding it difficult to fit everything in. Please, Please can someone give me the right direction for studing as I am running out of time!!!


I'm also sitting the exam on the 16th of May and have been told it's been made more difficult this year which is doing nothing for my nerves - I really hate exams and go blank so I'm trying to revise and just getting more and more nervous as the days tick by.
Any help would be very much appreciated.
(Already checked out the other threads and mock questions on here).


Hi ya Posh
I'm starting my A&P course in Sepember. Is there a set text book that the syllabus works from? Would love to get e#a head start on my studies,
Many thanx,


Interesting to note age-related comments - i'm in my 50s and did the A+P exam 3 years ago via self-study! Passed it first time and I was delighted. Yes I did feel it covered a lot tho' I took a day's leave from work to 'cram' and it worked for me!


Hi anxious
Hope you didn't take offence at my age related coment - it was only meant that I felt much older from all the work and my brain really not being able to cope with the work load as i did in school days !
Fair play to you for passing your A&P, self study is so difficult needing to be self disciplined, good on you, you should be very proud of yourself.
What are you doing now ?
Are you a therapist ?
lol Suex

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