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Acupressure and Myofascial Trigger Points?

Hello! I'm taking an acupressure course, and would like some help or clarification please.
Medical textbooks often say that myofascial trigger points coincide
with the acupoints of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Is this the
case? Explain.
Looking for some help on this.
Obviously I do think they coincide. However, I believe there are
many more acupoints.
This really wasn't covered in the material.
I've ordered a meridian atlas, and have about 5 acupressure books.
I'm going to do some reading, but please help with this, as I've not found much on myofascial trigger points.


is this any good? i am about to start an acupressure course myself, so let me know if this is what you're looking for and i'll book mark it!


Hello! Thanks for the link. I will read over this tonight and get back with you.
This forum is great! I'm new here, and love it already!
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