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Essential oils in the washing machine?

I've heard you can put oils into your fabric softener, but I don't know how much you can use and if the oils would have any negative effect on your washing machine in the long-run. Does anyone know?
I bought a new fabric softener but it makes all my fresh washing smell like damp towels! [:'(] I don't want to waste it so I thought it would be nice to add some bergamot or something. Does anyone else do this?


Hi Little Bat, I always put bergamot in my washing instead of fabric conditioner, makes the clothes smell lovely.
Rosi x


Hi Rosi,
I thought Bergamot would be nice and uplifting and that it's not too girly for my partner's clothes too. :)
How much do you add to your washing?


Must admit that this is not an application i'd have thought about! Whenever I was doing case studies for VTCT Aromatherapy I decided to make a serious effort to diversify beyond (traditional) massage treatments! I covered several areas but never thought of advising of such an application


Hi Bat, You need at least 20 drops, anything less and you can hardly smell the bergamot. If you've got half a load you can put in less.
It's a case of experimenting really.
Rosi x


Changing the subject slightly - vinegar is an amazing cleaning agent, and can be used to clean surfaces and also as a fabric softener beleive it or not!
It doesn't make your clothes smell of vinegar, and you can add essential oils to it to make it smell better - I use about 2 tblsp of vinegar and about 5 drops of oils.
For cleaning surfaces, I put 1 part vinegar to 5 parts water roughly in a spray bottle, and add about 10 drops of oils - I usually use tea tree/lemon or melissa, tea tree has the anti-bac properties and lemon smells fresh.


Thanks for the tips :)

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