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A Gift of love.....

A gift of Love…. [sm=love-smiley-009.gif]
I would just like to share my experience…….
(I do not write to change or challenge any one, I write to share me with you.
I write cos this is in my heart. )
I think that….
Allowing healing is like offering Love.
It is like offering a gift of Love which the recipient can choose to accept or not.
I have not got a "base”.
I do not operate from home or in a room where people can come for treatments.
But I can allow healing.
When I realised that I could allow healing for others, these were my questions…..
What if I had no hands? How would I allow healing then?
How can Iallow healing if I don't have a room?
How can Iallow healingif it isn't my work, if it isn't what I do?
How can Iallow healingif no one knows about it?
Being able to allow healing, just evolved.
I would say as a result of my "walk with Spirit”.
And now the healing energy simply flows.
It just flows when I am out and about.
And that is my total participation.
Allowing the flowing.
I see it like this….
You see, there are some who can't ask…….
What about the ones without a voice?
What about those who can't ask cos they don't know the words?
What about those without the knowing?
What about those who feel so left out of it all?
I feel that healing has to be for all, not just for those who are into this sort of thing.
Why should healing be for some and not for others?
Who makes the rules that it is limited to those who can come and ask for a treatment?
Healing…..I feel that it can also be for those who don'task because they simply can't. I was one of those who couldn't ask and wouldn't, so I know what it feels like. I truly don't believe that healing is just for those who can ask or just for those whom we can ask.
Love.. oh, it can't be limited to those of us who can ask
It just can't be limited just to those of us who can self heal
It simply cannot be limited to those who can allow a treatment,
If Love is limited this way, that is so unfair.
For this is what I believe in my heart to be true…


Thanks Flit , It's so easy to pass loving feelings on . Just a smile or a word, just saying " Good morning " is sometimes enough to make someones day..........From that comes the healing , you have made another person feel better.........lets all just try it and see........
my smile is the wrinkle I want to keep
Bright Blessings
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Hello Oakapple,
Thanks forsharing and "Good morning" to you!
With Love, Catherine


Thank you Flit
You have changed many lives with the love you have given them.
By sharing your love with others and the world around you.

Through your actions there lies your true spirit.


Thanks for sharing Flit, wonderful words indeed. You have put a smile on my face!
'Good Morning' to you all:D ((((hugs)))


[sm=nature-smiley-008.gif]Hi Flit, those were wonderful thoughts. I agree with the sentiment and occasionaly I have felt the reiki flowing without my conciously summoning it or the other person asking out loud for it. It makes me think that if it's needed you will receive/send it.


Hi Healistic, epona~spirit, oakapple and Serenwen,
Thank you for your kind words.
Just thank you so much.
I so often don't post......... it is cos I do not want to oppose another's viewpoint andI do not want to try to persuade any other that my words are right.
It is just, there is this opportunity on hp for the sharing, the exchange of ideas, the trying to understand other viewpoints....
And then thereare the words themselves, the different meanings of them all!
It is simply the joining in that I am trying to do.....
With Love, Catherine


Perfect, Catherine!
Simply perfect~


Hi Catherine
Nicely put as usual.


[sm=hug.gif]Hugs to you for your lovely words Flit!


Wonderful words thank you so much for sharing :)

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