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100% Pure Oil or Not ?

Can anyone tell me how to tell if you have bought 100% Pure oil or not ?
I presume that when I shop at Holland & Barratt for example that I am buying and paying the price for 100% Pure oil, but given that you can purchase oil much cheaper over the internet........ how can you guarantee that these oils are in fact 100%........because I do not think I'd know the difference ?
Also can anyone tell me the exact benefits of using Neroli Oil blended for massage purposes ?
Love & Light, Abbs.


Look for the ISO number.
This will tell you the traceability of the oil from planting through to extraction (preferably distillation or expression), and also the quality testing of that oil.
If the oil has an ISO number and says it is 100% pure / organic, then you can guarantee its purity, as thisthen becomes a legal requirement.


Neroli blended for massage purposes presumably means a 5% dilution, i.e. 5 drops per 10ml of carrier oil (probably grapeseed or sweet almond). Often with precious oils such as neroli it is more economical to buy pre blended. However, it will need to be diluted further if used during pregnancy, on the elderly or children or cancer patients, but in these cases, should really only be administered by an aromatherapist.


The labelling should state '100% pure' if it is. Look closely, if you are referring to the Neroli oil, you have probably bought a dilution in jojoba. However, some bottles I have come across do not say how much the dilution is (I queried a a Tisserand bottle of diluted jasmine but never had a reply). So had to guess at 3% which is the norm and dilute further from there to use in massage blends. (A 3% dilution is OK to use in massage but the odour from such oils on their own is likely to be too overpowering to use at this strength).
Neroli as a pure oil is very expensive. Look at Neal's yard prices to give you a price guide. I have never come across this in Holland and Barrett as 100% pure but it doesn't hurt to ask the shop keeper.
I have previously come across Neroli 'light' which turned out to be a blend of a little bit of Neroli bulked up with sweet orange! This was supplier only information and not on the label for public viewing!
The main advice is look very closely at the lable and ask if uncertain.
Hope this helps.


Holland and Barret oils will have written somewhere on the packaging if the oil itself is mixed with vitamin E or if it is just essential oil.
Clare x


You could also try the Aromatherapy Trade Council (google them)who have a list of essential oil suppliers ~ who follow regulations and protocol and then you can be farily assured of the quality.

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