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A new injury to me.......

My son's mate came round complaining of a strong pain on theinside of his left ASIS when he stretches his left inner thigh as part of his football training. The pain goes off when he takes his upper body to the right. (The stretch starts in standing, legs abducted and apart, andflexing the right knee.)
He gets the same pain on standing lumbar and hip extension. When lying on his back the pain came again when he abducted his straight leg. He also felt pain in his left lumbar region when he did this. There was no pain when the leg was flexed at the hip and abducted.
He has been using the rowing machine a lot lately.
I hadn't come across this before and said he had better go to see a sports physio, but he has great faith in my healing hands so I did a healing session on him, working on where he felt the pain, front and back,and something appeared to change inside the area of the left ASIS, and he left pain free.
I thought it might be iliacus/psoas but I don't know.
Has anyone any ideas what would have caused it. Could it be faulty rowing technique? Some preventative exercises would be nice.
Thank you,


Hi Sharon
Seems like you did a good job. From what you said I would guess Psoas or maybe Rectus Femoris. The Thomas test would help clarify this. It's possible to dig deep and work on Psoas with some caution. There are Soft Tissue Release and Muscle Energy Techniques for stretching the Psoas which I've found very effective. Also you may wish to recommend some Psoas stretches although this is what triggered off the problem.
It could be that his rowing style has excessive movement on the hips and that he is putting considerable strain on the Psaos. I would suggesthe gets his rowing style checked and possibly corrected - which could make an amazing difference to him.
Hope this helps.

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