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Acid Reflux

Could anyone help me please I want to know what areas to treat on the feet for acid reflux. I'm thinking pituitary, oesophagus, stomach, liver, spleen, small and large intestine. Have i left ant part out
Many thanks


I would include diaphragm too. Also advise on raising the top end of the bed when sleeping (not the pillow, but something under the feet of the bed).


Definately include diaphragm, plus gallbladder and pancreas (to balance digestive juices). Also thoracic spine. Spleen isn't necessary and the pituitary gland isn't really part of the digestive process.
If they are taking antacids, you could also recommend taking Meadowseet instead. It's a herbal remedy and reduces stomach acid.
Hope that helps.


Many thanks Aromababe,
I'll this as aftercare advice about raising the bed.
You're a sweetie


Thanks Sarah 7
My mistake, thanks for setting me on the right track. You're a star


Def diaphragm. I had a poor pregnant lady recently with nasty heartburn, and I showed her how to thumb walk across the diaphragm line on her hands between treatments. She was thrilled to bits with how effective her 'homework' was!


Many thanks Siobhan
Hope your pregnant lady got some relief, I have heartburn with every one of my four boys


Tanwoman, I am a veteran acid refluxer (if such a term exists). When I say veteran, I mean I have had numerous endoscopies to break the strictures formed in my esophagus-but, take heart!! I have some info you may want to use. Have you ever heard that the 'real' cause of acid reflux is because oftoo LITTLE stomach acid? Supposedly, the lack of it causes food to decompose rather than digest and the result is acid reflux. Anyway, to my point. I have been taking digestive enzymes for quite some time and have found them to possess some amazing properties. They do more than merely aid in the digestion of food. You might want to do a Google search on 'digestive enzymes and acid reflux' and see what may be out there. I hope this may help you or others.

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