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Dangers of Massage???

On Australian TV recently (as in last year sometime) they had a story on one of our current affairs shows about a young girl who had a neck and shoulders massage at work and ended up a quadriplegic. I actually missed the story and only sawthe preview of what was coming up on the show later that night and those are the only details I ended up seeing. So I really don't know what really happened and I know how these shows exaggerate things immensely.
Can anyone tell me how a simple neck and shoulders massage could do this to a person?


There would have to be a serious underlying issue for something like this to happen, the massage would be the final straw that broke the camels back so to speak.
Very occasionally something can go wrong with any form of therapy, this is why we do consultations to see if any alarm bells start ringing, it is as I say a rare occurrence when anyone is presented with anything that would cause any serious long lasting effects from therapy.


The only problem that i can come with, is that a FULL history was not either requested, or given, the client must have had an injury, either a whiplash injury or some sort of neck injury.
For the client to bec ome an quadaplegic, this injury comes about by a neck injury to the C3, c4,c5 of the cervical spine, also T10, which is the vagus nerve, damage to these by an accident, and if they have not been treated by professional medical profession, and then the client comes for a massage, and with mannipulation, will cause the damage to the nerve, but it is not the massuer fault, it will be the clients for not giving the information or the massuer for not asking if the client has had an injury in the past 6-12 months --i hope that this helps

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