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A good spray tan

Can anyone recommend a good spray tan to use in the salon. That all so offers on site trainning.


Hi Beccie
As a client I have had quite a few spray tans and the bestonesI have had are the Crystal Clear one (think you need to have the facial machine though) but i have found that a nice even tan not orangey :) I have also had a couple of Caliifonia Tan ones and they are really good too :)
I will not tell you the worse ones tho!
Hope this helps


My favourite is by Vani-t. The best thing to do is obtain lots of samples from suppliers and try them all out and make a judgement. There are a lot of bad solutions out there and they are not always the cheapest either. You could also have alook at which is dedicated to spray tanning and is full of tips and opinions on the best solutions. Try before you buy!


Thatís really good advice from 'Golden Glow'. Regarding the solutions, there are loads of different products on the market and itís only through process of elimination that you find the ones that suit you best.A coupleof solutions that I likeare Sienasol and Suntana. Both are really good but my personal favourite is Suntana. Itís one of the cheapest andbest I have tried.

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