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a little confused.

hey hey y,all
i am currently contemplating a career change and have come across the wonderful world of sports massage/therapy.
i think i am going to go with ahg level 5 advanced diploma in sports therapy as it seems it will give me a broader knowledge base for the future.
as i am new to this i am a little concerned about the factions and the uncertainty surrounding the whole registration issue. if i do indeed proceed with the ahg course is it a definate that when the industry is regulated that i wont have to do a degree at uni??
is this an exciting and rewarding career to embark on? what are the job possibilities when i graduate? is it difficult to learn?? so many questions.
thanks in advance to anybody who responds to this thread and i hope to speak to you again soon.


hi there, I did the ahg sports therapy course, after having done an ITEC sports massage course.
I was very disheartened with the ITEC course as it was basic, not a very good tutor, and quite frankly not worth my time and money.
I had been researching courses for quite a while, and looked at doing either a higher level sports massage course, or sports therapy.
I opted for sports therapy after checking just how many sports massage therapists were local to me (which included ringing them to see where they had trained, which was either itec or college vtct). The fact that the sports therapy industry was being regulated by the Health Professions Council was also a big draw for me.
Having done my course I do not have to complete a degree in sports therapy to become a registered sports therapist in the future. I have heard lots of grumblings that only degree graduates will get through, but this is not true, as was confirmed by the Society of Sports Therapists, who also validate ahg courses.
There is a big workload, but the training is fantastic, top rate trainers make the course really really enjoyable. I managed to give quite a few treatments in their clinic too, which gave me bags of confidence, especially when some of their clients/patients brought me thank you gifts at the end of my training.
On the work front, I can only say im the happiest I have ever been in work, I have a large client base, which keeps me busy full time, im earning good money, and have job satisfaction. The good thing about ahg is I know that I can contact them for any sort of advice and they are only too happy to help, and that includes getting responses to emails at 11 oclock at night!! (some of them must be insomniacs!).
All in all, Im glad i trained with ahg, and would wholeheartedly say do it, you wont look back!


thanks for that myoman...some good advice there.
i am very excited at the prospect of getting to grips with the whole thing.
im sure the workload will be difficult but i am sure it will be worth all the effort.
any more advice anyone??


84 views and only 1 reply?
anyhoo. have took the plunge and contacted that nice man richard at ahg and have enroled on the level 5 advamced diploma sports therapy course. woohoo!! lots of nights in for me.
will be seeing a lot of me in here methinks!!

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