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Psoriasis & Essential Oils

I wondered if you would be able to help me with my enquiry. I qualified as an Holistic Therapist in June 2006 and have recently set-up my own business. I came across a piece of information on a forum regarding Psoriasis and the use of essential oils. I checked in books I have and it seemed to contradict a little so I wondered if you would be able to assist. It said:
“Avoid oils which promote cell regeneration as the psoriasis symptoms are caused by excessive cell growth. Lavender essential oil, and shea butter are just two of the oils to avoid”
I went and had a look in my books for other oils which are cell regenerators and came up with a long list but some of these oils were also listed as being beneficial for Psoriasis. Any ideas?
Thanks in advance


i too would be interested in this as i have the condition i have a lot of oils but on reading up i have found it very confusing to what to use so please anybody out there know


Psoriasis is a non-infectious skin disorder that is marked by skin lesions that can occur in limited areas (such as the scalp) or that can cover up to 80-90 percent of the body.
The overly rapid growth of skin cells is the primary cause of the lesions associated with psoriasis. In some cases, skin cells grow four times faster than normal, resulting in the formation of silvery layers that flake off.
[ul][*]Occurs on elbows, chest, knees, and scalp.[*]Slightly elevated reddish lesions covered with silver-white scales.[*]The disease can be limited to one small patch or can cover the entire body.[*]Rashes subside after exposure to sunlight.[*]Rashes recur over a period of years. [/ul]
Single Oils:
Roman chamomile, tea tree, patchouly, helichrysum, rose, German chamomile, lavender
Psoriasis blend:
[ul][*]2 drops Patchouly[*]2 drops Roman Chamomile[*]2 drops Lavender[*]2 drops Tee Tree[*]2 drops Rosemary[*]2 drops Clove[/ul]
EO Applications:
NEAT, apply 2-4 drops to affected area twice daily. 6-10 drops can be added to 1 tsp of regular skin lotion and applied daily or as needed
COMPRESS, warm, 3 times weekly[/blockquote]
CAPSULE, 0 size, 1 per day (ensure oils are grade A /Medicinal grade)[/blockquote]
Dietary Supplementation:
Essential Omegas
Topical Treatment:
Rose Ointment
Treating Psoriasis with pH Balance
Psoriasis, eczema, dermatitis, dry skin, allergies, and similar problems indicate an excessive acidic pH in the body. The more acid in the blood and skin, the less therapeutic effect the oils will have. People who have a negative reaction to oils are usually highly acidic. An alkaline balance must be maintained in the blood and skin for the oils to work the best.
Cleansing the Liver
The liver is the body's largest internal organ and major detoxifier for the body. Even the toxins in the air we breathe are filtered by the liver, including chemicals from aerosol cleaners, paint, bug sprays, etc. But, even filters need cleaning. The essential oils of ledum, celery seed, and helichrysum have long been known for their liver cleansing properties.
Essential Oils:
[font=verdana]Helichrysum ([i]Helichrysum


I was taught in my holistic therapies diploma to never apply essential oils neat to the skin except lavender and tea tree!
Also Rich, you mentioned that Lavender and Chamomile are good for Psoriasis but these are cell regenerating oils. Back to my original question, are these suitable for use on a skin condition which regenerates skin cells at an excelerated rate?


Re application of neat oils -
Most of the essential oils available in the UK are synthetic, or extracted from chemical solvents. As a result they contain a high concentration of phenols which can be toxic, including to the skin. The recommendation for not using neat application is therefore a generalization to encompass the poor grade of oils commonly available in health food stores and other retail outlets in the UK.
Organic grade A / therapeutic grade oils however are mainly steam distilled without solvent, and barring oils such as thyme and oregano which are naturally high in phenols, are generally safe for neat application - as per the French texts based on the works of Dr Jean Valnet 'Aromatherapie' (Nb French physicianswill also prescribe essential oils for internal use (i.e. ingestion) (barring Neroli and Jasmine both of which are absolutes and solvent extracted).
Re: cell regenerating oils -
Lavender is an oil that is extremely balancing, and whilst it may promote cell regeneration, psoriasis is a condition in which the cells are out of balance, and hence regenerating at 4 times the normal rate. Have you considered that promoting cell regeneration at a balanced rate with the use of lavender may therefore actually be beneficial. Considering that essential oils all work on aligning the body's frequency to the frequency of the oil, perhaps your body may actually resonate with the use of lavender?
Should you however choose a carrier oil, then avocado would be my carrier of choice here.


Hi Lavandula
Psoriasis is a stubborn and difficult problem to treat. It requires patience and long term treatment to get lasting benefits. When treating this condition it is important to look at the whole picture and not just the skin condition. In particular consider the following:
[ul][*]Avoid stressful situations, fatique and environmental changes (such a exposure to cold) and trauma to the skin.[*]Identify and address any food allergies[*]Manage inflammatory response by the use of anti-inflammatory remedies[*]Use essential oils that are anti-inflammatory or antipruritic[*]Use alteratives to promote detoxification[/ul]
Essential oils are very effective in dealing with psoriasis as aromatherapy plays a very important role in reducing stress. Any essential oil which may alleviate stress and anxiety, such as bergamot, sandalwood and lavender (stress busting here not cell regeneration) are most suitable and I would suggest for reducing stress a dilution of 1/2 to 1% would be enough in a massage.
As to which cold pressed vegetable oil to use in massage any that are rich in essential fatty acids such as GLA/EPA, evening primrose oil, borage oil are really good and can be used as a topical application without essential oils.
Any of the essential oils with anti-inflammatory properties should be considered such as German Chamomile, Yarrow or Everlasting (my favorite). Carrot seed and everlasting may be used to correct abnormal liver function. Tea tree should also be considered and can be added to a blend of cold pressed vegetable oil and applied twice daily. I use 2 drops per 10ml of oil and apply morning and evening.
So back to your question of shouldessential oils with cell regeneration propertiesbe used in someone with psorasis, why not? It depends on how you use the oil and at what dilution e.g. Lavender for massage generally 1/2 to 1% is enough, for cell regeneration you could apply it neat, different dilutions different effects. You didn't say where you got this information from or what dilutions should not be used, so perhaps they are not sure of the pathology of psoriasis or more likely they don't know their essential oils and how they work and are creating yet another essential oil myth!


I am amazed no one has suggested Bergamot the entirely sunshine oil (psoriasis lessens in summertime). It's only contra indication is sunshine (or tubes).
Have a go.[8D]
But what is the root problem? That really needs to be got rid of first.
Good luck.


Thank you all so much for your replies.
I did wonder whether the person who wrote about not using Lavender with Psoriasis may not know much about the condition or essential oils but I just wanted to double check. I don't want to use oils in error and make things worse.
I researched Psoriasis and spoke to the Psoriasis association about the condition's pathology and causes which helped a lot.This helped me come to the conclusion that I should not just treat the condition but the cause as well, in which case Lavender would help if the trigger was stress related etc. I think that every client with psoriasis will be different - different cause and even different oils which will benefit them more.
I have enjoyed reading all of your advice and researching into the condition. I am looking forward to helping any future clients with the condition.
Thank you all again
Bright Blessings

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