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A Reflexology question for the xperts.

Hello all,
I am just starting out on my volunteer clients, and have had very little in terms of after effects on most of them.
However after the first treatment one of my clients had a swelling appear on her left achilles tendon just above the ankle. This appeared the following day, didnt hurt, and went after two days.
After the second treatment she had a swelling appear on her right foot, on the dorsal surface, zone 2, about where the gall bladder point is, but about the size of a 10p piece, (however this is still present after a week).
Can anyone give any insight as to what these might signify?


Dear Topcat
It looks like you may have got everyone stumped here! I have never heard of this happening. Could you phone the school to ask them? I think that's what I'd do if I couldn't find an answer, although of course they might not have experienced it either. Is there anything in this person's history that could give you any clues?


sorry, only just seen this one....cant help either, never come across this, however as this is a case study note it and see what the tutor says.....the only thing that possibly comes to mind is varicose veins and an accumulation of blood but i doubt it.....hmmmm


hi topcat,
How is your client emotionally? Problems with the heels can represent feelings of being held back, maybe your client is trying to move ahead with something but is finding it difficult? The left heel reflects the present the right the past.
Swellings on the top of the foot can denote feeling overwhelmed with life and maybe unshed tears.
On the otherhand it could just be the body trying to rid itself of a build up of toxins.
hope this helps[sm=idea.gif]


Hi - I have come across reactions in this form , but have no idea how or why , i can only say the lumps & bumps which occasionally appear seem to disperse themselves.
With the exception of the white bubble type . .that you can press & they disapapear but then ome back... ickle swellings around the uterus area i often see , some clients have these what we were taught were 'stress bubbles' around different areas but they dont seem to go.
Maybe after a 2 or 3 treatments if the lump doesnt go down/away refer the client back to GP with a slight query about - " what ever area the lump could represent for exploration "


I too have never had any experience in anything like this - I would say though, if in doubt, allways refer to a GP, especially for lumps that are not reducing in size. I can't see how giving a reflexology session would be the cause of these lumps (have you asked your client if they ever got this kind of thing happening before?)
Certienlt makes for an interesting case study!
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