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Accupressure points for sciatic nerve please

Can anyone help with the accupressure points for the sciatic nerve please. I have been trawling the web but haven't found a suitable site yet.
If anyone knows where I can see diagrams that would also be most helpful.


Hi there!
I am a reflexologist, have been for 19 years, and have had success with helping clients with sciatic pain. The points I use are at the back of the heels, either side of the achilles tendon and lower legs at the back, also across the inner wrists. You could find a reflexology chart on eBay for not much money - a good one will probably show the points or the area to press. Hope this helps, sciatic pain is horrid!


from an accupressure/shiatsu point of view i use the GB30 (gallbladder)and bladder channels, specifically.


Thanks both have helped. Will keep at it

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