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2 Weeks Notice!!

Hey everybody!
I have just given in my 2 weeks notice and i was wondering what exactly to do about the fact that all my clients have been told that there consultation forms are confidential and that nobody would seethem but me!! So do i ring them ALL up and notifiy them of my departure or do i take all of them with me when i leave?!!!!
Any advice would be greatly appreciated!


hi Toodles, it all depends on your situation, were you self employed, employed, what sort of contract?


It could be VERY tricky - considering it's your cousin's uncle that is the owner.
The one advantage you have is that you were there from the start, and the only massage therapist, so they probably haven't thought about who the clients belong to (yet). If they are not planning on getting a replacement and just keppign teh barber bit going, you should have no problem. If they are planning on keeping the spa section it could be nasty.
Do you want to take your clients with you? Or are you leaving the area or something like that, and just want to let them know the salon has their details, and ask if they areok with it?
I have heard of one person that provided the spa with ONLY the contact details fromthe intake forms they had, citing client confidentiality for the intake forms, that way the spa and the departing therapist both had the contact details, only the therapist had the other details (I'm assuming there are other details). Most salons view the contact details as thething of value. Even if they get someone else in, they will probably have to start a new intake form anyway.
It's a really good idea to get this sorted out when you start working somewhere (in writing, so no-one forgets)- otherwise it can get very confusing and often quite nasty.


I worked in a natural health clinic for a few years, andthe individual therapists wereresponsible for their own consultation sheets - the only paperwork required by the clinic was the time of the appointments, the name and telephone number of the client. I keep all my client forms in a locked cabinet at home, and take them out when I am seeing the client at my clinic. I work with a private physiotherapist who also carts her patient forms with her! I think you should either destroy the paperwork, or take it with you - are you moving to new premises? Will you be seeing any of the clients again? It may be courteous to write to them and let them know the situation - it may also get you some repeat appointments!


Hi Toodles,
I think in law the question is decided on by who the clients pay.
Do the clients pay you directly for treatments, or do you draw a salary from the spa/club? If the former, they are your clients as a self-employed therapist and it therefore follows the records are yours. However if clients pay the spa/salon for the service, and you draw a wage/salary then the opposite applies. The client records in that circumstance belong to the spa/salon so that any replacement therapist/service provider has all the clinical history to enable them to safely continue treatments. While this might sound unfair, you wouldn't expect your doctor to take your records with you if he moved to another practice would you? Also the client base would have commercial value to the spa so be careful as if you take any action which could be interpreted as poaching these clients away, you could be dismissed immediately without being allowed to complete your notice period.


I would also be careful re destroying any paperwork on the basis that if (on the rarest of chances) a client chose to sue you for any reason, you would have to produce paperwork detailing your treatment and any client feedback.
Where I am the therapists pay for their room and are responsible for their clients paying, turning up etc including all the paperwork which is their responsiblity also.


You shouldn't destroy the paperwork, it needs to be kept for 7 years for legal reasons. It does depend on the agreement you have where you were working, whether the clients are theirs or your own, often they keep a database of names and addresses and you can keep the paperwork, but it does all depend on your contract.

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