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Has anyone tried Triluma?

I have been using Triluma for approximately six weeks to fade brown spots and a mild case of melasma. I am starting to notice patches of new skin breaking through so it seems to be working. Has anyone used Triluma and if so, what were your results? Did your spots and/or melasma return?
I used it. It faded the melasma. Then after the 8 weeks you're supposed to use it, the melasma came back bad as ever. I know a lot of people who had the same reaction. Sorry. If you use it too long the steroids in the cream will cause your skin to thin and you'll get broken capillaries. Also, if you use hydroquinone for long periods you could get rebound pigmentation which can be permanent. Hydroquinone is banned pretty much everywhere else in the world outside of the U.S.
Your best defence against the melasma getting worse is to use a sunblock of at least SPF30 even if you just go out for a few minutes in overcast weather. Look for lightnening products that contain kojic acid, azelaic acid, licorice, bearberry or arbutin. These are supposed to inhibit overproduction of melanin and hinder melasma.......although admittedly I have not found them to be great. Also, some people find taking high doses of the supplement MSM fades their melasma. You want to work your way up to in excess of 10g per day gradually.
If you need to know anything else just ask.
Best of luck.
Thank you so much for responding. I am hoping that I don't get the rebound effect! Please post if you find a product that works for you.
Maybe if the Triluma clears yours up and you're very stringent about using sunblock after it will stay away. My melasma is very mild too but it's still a pain. It's from using the contraceptive pill in my case. DDF do a holistic lightener that's mild and may keep it at bay. That's about the best of the non hydroquinone ones that I've tried (and there have been many!) I've just started using Lancome age spot serum so I'll keep you posted if that works. I've heard it works well for some. Fingers crossed.
Let me know how lancome's product works for you. I have been diligent about using sunblock and I stay out of the sun. It's hard living in FL as the sun is always out! I will look into the other product that you recommended. Thanks!

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