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Fake eyelashes?

Hi everyone,
I'm attending a wedding in a couple months, and I'd like to wear fake eyelashes. The only problem that I have, is after an hour or two of applying them, the glue is visible (it looks a whitish color). Does anybody know how to solve this problem? I've had the glue for a couple of years (if I'm remembering correctly), so is it possible that the glue is just too old? And does anybody have any tips or special procedures that they use when applying fake eyelashes? All suggestions and replies are welcomed! Thanks!
Whiskers :wave:
I would guess you are using too much glue or you need to use a different brand??? The glue shouldn't be visible. Only put a few drops on and it shouldn't seep out. I also read in a magazine that MAC (which I love ) has a lot of new lashes available and when you buy them they will put them on for you. That might be a good option b/c then you can pick out the best/natural looking ones and you don't have to deal with the hassle!
Thanks for the response, SweetPuff. I'll try getting a different kind of eyelashes, AND a different kind of glue. I hope that does the trick!
Do fake eyelashes look fake? I have never used them but would like to.
Hi Daisy. False eyelashes can look natural if you pick a normal size that just thickens and helps lengthen your lashes. Of course, you could go overboard and look fake by getting ones that are just way to large for your eyes! There are also very natural ones that you put on individually (v/s one long strip). You can just add a few at the corners of your eyes for a cat eye look or you can add them throughout. They also make lashes that you can leave on for longer than a day. I would try the MAC counter if you have one nearby. I'm sure other departments sell them and you can buy cheap ones at a drugstore, but that's the only place I know of for sure that can do them..and they have lots of variety. A makeup artist used the more permanent ones on my friend once and she kept them on for a week!

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