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Good Pedicure Cream?

Okayy.. so nobody responded to me in the skin section for this, and it has to do with beauty also so I guess i'll just ask here since everyone has been good about answering everyone's questions on this section :)
When I sleep at night my feet get so dry and cold. I've tried soo many lotions, vaseline, thick socks, etc and nothing seems to help! Any ideas? My feet barely sweat.. like only if I'm working out or wearing furry boots just a little bit. Do they make special socks that increase sweating? One time I tried squirting lotion inside my socks, and wore it to bed, and that didn't work either! I just hate it.. I will use an exfoliator and have soft, smooth feet during the day and at night they just get dry again!
Any ideas?
My suggestion is to try one of the lotions (if you haven't already) that are specifically targeted for cracked, dry feet. My husband has the same problem that has gotten so bad that he has sores on his feet from the cracked skin. This lotion is normally found right next to the Dr. Scholl's pads and such - not in the beauty section. The dr. also said the best time to put it on his feet is right after he gets out of the shower. It may sound like an oxymoron but your skin is the dryest right after you get out of hot water. Hope this helps :)
I have a quick question for you. Have you seen the doctor for this? Or even a Podiatrist? The reason I ask is because it sounds a lot like Raynauds. A nerve condition that effects the feet causing them to get cold at night. I know it sounds strange.
I'm speaking from experience here. I have it. My feet are also dry. Especially around the heel area. My feet get cold at night. I never go to bed at night without my socks. :rolleyes: I still haven't found anything to help with the dryness. I just keep using my pumace rock and different lotions. I guess I could try some Eucerin cream. I know the Plastic surgeon I used to work with while I was in the service used to recomend this to our patients. ;) Especialy the burn patients.
I would suggest bringing this up with your doctor. With your feet being cold, I really don't think it would be diabetes. It honestly sounds a LOT like Raynauds. Like I said, I know........ I have it.
I was doing the same thing. I puts lots of lotion on my feet, then wore socks but it didn't do any good. I got a free sample tube of Kerasal in the mail and started using it. It says on the tube that you'll see maximum results in 7 days. After just one day, I saw a pretty big difference. Now, a week later my feet are pretty again. LOL They feel great too. I still have some left in the tube but I'm getting some more before I run out. It's about $6 for a full size tube, and you can buy it at any drug store or major chain department store.
I don't know why your feet are so cold, but my hubby tells me mine feel like ice. I guess I don't notice it. Why do you want your feet to sweat? That's how people end up with fungal infections like athletes foot. If you just want your feet to feel soft and moisurized, then the Kerasal, and probably other foot creams, will do the trick.
Nope I haven't seen a doctor for this.. I didn't think I really needed to, but I guess it if keeps it up I might as well ask!
I don't necessarily want my feet to SWEAT.. haha, but just to have ANY moisture! I may look for some of those products, and I haven't tried those particular foot creams in the foot section b/c I didn't know if they would really make a difference. What I did do is buy some super-warm socks made of sweater-like material. One time I slept in some Ugg boots and they actually stayed warm and soft the whole time!! I just don't want to have to sleep in boots.. haha.
Thanks for the advice.. and I will look for some of this stuff next time I'm at the store and hope it works for me as well.

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