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Alexis Vogel Cosmetics?

Has any one else tried this makeup and like it? My dh bought this for me for mother's day, and I have to say I do not like it. :rolleyes: The foundation is greasy, no matter how little u put on and they forgot to put the lip liner in the kit..I was just wondering if anyone else thought this makeup was not as good as it seemed to be?!The only thing I can say is the mascara is Ok!
I sent mine back not long after I got it. I didn't care for any of the cosmetics and the only reason I really got it was for the instruction video but after the trial time with her cosmetics, I tried it with my regular cosmetics and it worked much better. Her stuff is mighty expensive for what you get.
I was going to get that kit during mothers day. It was on sale for $99, but I hear it isn't worth even that price. I hear the quality is cheap and the dvd is only good for someone who doesn't know how to put makeup on. I also hear that alot of things are backordered and don't come in for months and don't get me started on the bad customer serivce. With all of that, I didn't bother.

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