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Night Cream Recommendations?

I am 33, and am developing crows feet and frown lines. :confused:
I am looking for a night cream that will minimize lines, is oil-free, and will help my skin maintain moisture. Nothing that feels greasy - just nice and soft. I have combination skin. Any ideas?
I like the Oil of Olay "Total Effects", plus I use the new Olay Regenerist serum underneath.
cetaphil makes a night cream. it is supposed to be non comegenic. i like using it myself :wave: but i am 24 tho. i use it on my eyes i got mild mild crows feet and i liek it . i also like the two olay products recommended by the person before me. u could use those as serums and put the cream over it
Olay Total Effects Night Firming cream is the best that I have found. I have been dealing with cystic acne going on 10 years now and this is the only cream I have found that does not irritate my skin. I notice that my skin is slightly oily when I wake up in the morning but I just wash it away and my skin is soft and smooth.
OOOH! I found one! I had reviewed what the cosmetics cop had to say about products, and I was going to the Clinique counter to get Repairware Intensive Night Cream. The sales lady told me that honestly it's for skin that has more wrinkles, and it's pretty greasy, so she thought I'd do better with Clinique Superdefense cream. The cosmetics cop had reviewed this one too, and had rave reviews about it. It's also got an SPF of 25, and she said use it for day AND night. Honestly, it soaks right in, my face feels so unbelievably soft when I use it, and I'm sold on it so far!!!!!!!!!!!!! My face never comes off feeling greasy, even hours later. So I got a two for one - a great face cream for day AND night!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :bouncing: SCORE!!!!!!!!!!!!

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