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Yellow toenails...........YUK?

What causes your toenails to turn yellow? Is it fungus? I get pedicure's once a month and today i noticed when they took the polish off my nails are nasty yellow!!! Could this be from cheap products used? Or from the actual nailpolish? I usually use a dark color..........and in summer i like to do french! I cant do french because they are this color! Is there anything i can buy to clear this up???? Has anyone else had this happen to them?
Yes, it comes from polish and I think polish remover, too. Which is why I don't use polish. I think it looks pretty in light frost colors on me but isn't worth it because then your toenails are yellow and you have to keep polishing them to cover it up. And incidentally, most every man I've ever known simply doesn't notice toenails polished on women or thinks feet look best natural. :)
Have you tried taking a toothbrush with baking soda and peroxide to your toenails? This will be a bit drying so you need to follow up with a really moisturizing foot cream or oil.
Does the place you get your nails done put a clear coat on first then the polish then a clear coat? My salon uses a non yellow clear coat as the first coat then the color and then another clear coat on top.
The lady I go to suggested soak nails in 1/2 cup of water lemon juice for up to 15 minutes, once a week. Or you can use white vinegar with a soft brush on fingernails to remove the yellow stain.
the yellow is probably stains from the polish.
soak your nails in denture cleaner for 3-5 minutes, then give them a good buff.
Don't put peroxide on your nails, it will make them yellow.

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