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My hair tangles sooooo bad!!!!!!!!!?

I have not had luck detangling with a conditioner but I do have great results from using a detangler after conditioning. It is a detangler you use in the shower and rinse out after shampooing and conditioning. Paul Mitchell makes a good one called The Detangler.
My hair has always tangled badly too. I used to sit for nearly an hour combing them out after my daily shampoo. But for years, what I've been been doing is getting all tangles out before getting in the shower, then I wash carefully to limit the number of tangles I put in. Don't pile it on your head. I leave it hanging down my back and just wash the scalp and sqeeze a bit of the shampoo down to the ends, then condition, also carefully. Then I usually don't mess with it until it's dry.
I always tell them at the salon to be careful too, otherwise, they'll be spending for ever getting the tangles they made out and trying to sell me their conditioners like I'd never heard of such a thing.
Any conditioner with lots of Silicone, usually listed as dimethicone will make the hair smooth and slippery. But you'll probably have to wash the buildup out with a clarifying shampoo once in a while.
My hair is very fine and curly and tangles very badly. the biggest thing to help me was to wear a loose ponytail at the top of my head when sleeping. Most of the tangles were caused by lint from my pillow and sheets while sleeping. Try to find shampoos and conditioners that do not contain "cones"(such as dimethicone) as they create build up on your hair. Also, shampoo is for your scalp, not your hair, so as you rinse your shampoo gather up your longer hair so the shampoo does not run through it. I can't recommend a product since I no longer use traditional "products". I make homemade products.
My hairdresser gave me the best tip for detangling my hair. Comb it through with a wide tooth comb when you have your conditioner/hair mask in , be gentle. Then rinse it out. When drying your hair just squeeze water out without rubbing it, and then comb it gently again,-you'll find that after that hair is so much better!
Also, do trim your hair regularly, the biggest reason for hair tangling is split ends. Evryone's hair needs individual time between trims so as soon as it gets worse, trim about 1/2 inch.
Good luck!
Treseme for dry damaged hair, neutrogena hair products are really good, panteen, or one like them. Anything that sais its for dry hair have extra moisterisers. sorry for my spelling, haha. Good luck hun!

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