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How to get wavy hair?

Anyone know how to get wavy hair that stays? I don't like the little crimpy style with a thousand little crimps or the spiral type of curl, just want the basic wavy hair look. I have a crimper that works great but I like the crimps to be more parted, if that makes sense. Is there such thing as a special iron or is there a way to do this naturally that doesn't take too long? Thanks!!
i just towl dry my hair after i take a shower and then put in mouse before i go to bed. when i wake up my hair is all wavy! :bouncing:
insteadof uing a crimper that gives that frizzy effect try using a 3 barrel waver. otherwise there are some good products called "beach hair" that create a nice natural beachie wave look
Thanks for the suggestions, I'll try them.
Put almost dry hair into a french braid right before bed. When you wake up, take out the braid and work a little bit of mousse into your hair with your fingers--no brushing! It will turn out great and is very easy.

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