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EXcessive Sweating around the eyes

I am not sure where to put this one but does anyone have any suggestions or advise for excessive sweating.
My hub is keen cyclist but finds that his enjoyment is hindered by excessive sweating around his eyes - he sweats so much that his eyes sting and he cannot see where he is going. The rest of him is fine or at least controlable re: sweating but the eye area is like a torrent.
is there anything on the market or any oil or remendies which anyone knows off which can help with this


Hi Babe,
There are roll-ons for sweating available from the chemist used for underarm and feet, although I don't have the name. Stopping sweating is not a good thing as it's the body's mechanism of excretion.
Perhaps you could try vaseline on the eyebrows like boxers do?
All the best,


Thanks Russ,
We don't want to stop it completely but it would be good if he could see where he was going - will try the chemists again and see what they say.


Are we talking sweating only during full on exercise or most of the time?
If generally prone to sweating above & beyonf the norm, then it's more likely to be a systemic problem. Just putting stuff on the skin will just supress the symptoms.
For systemic problem, suggest any of these:- TCM or 5-Element acupuncture, Homeopathy, Reflexology, NAET, etc. ;)
If it's just the local area around the eyes and only on cycling, then you may find that he has a stiff upper neck and when it's extended + exercise (as in cycling, especially on a 'racer') - it's probably irritating the sympathetic nerves to the area, which kicks off the sweat glands. A likely solution to that is to get an osteopath to help him sort his neck out. ;)
Andrew. :)


Hi Andrew,
The sweating is just when he is cycling and he has suffered with lower back and neck probs in the past. Will def let him know and see if what you suggest helps at all.
Many Thanks


The eyebrows were designed primarily to prevent debris falling into the eye area. Maybe if the brows have been trimmed the problem could be the worse for it.
I agree with the petroleum jelly application. After all one will be able to get rid of it when washing off the perspiration, insects, road dust etcetera.,
**By the way---Hot Tip**.
Purchase petroleum jelly from the baby counter in the store there is usually a large difference in price, especially if you purchase a big tub say 300ml. I do not know why it is less expensive on the baby section. I guess that the Chancellor of the Exchequer may know!
Do not worry about having too much. After all you can also use it to lubricate screws, bolts, hinge pins, protect steel tools from corrosion and all manner of other items around the home. I also use it to prevent my lips and knuckles from cracking in the cold season and of course it can assist with the healing of minor cuts and scrapes.
After all if it is safe enough for a baby's botty, it should be safe enough for us adults.
Happy smearing.

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