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Going Out After a Shower?

I am wondering if someone know's about this condition if its possible can occur as it happen to a relative of mine.
My mother always says to me never to going outside after a shower instantley as this is very dangerous?? My relative died as he twisted his neck due to the cold wind I beilve.
Is my mother just being skeptical or is there any truth in the matter? She says you should wait for a while until your body temprature goes to normal before going out and also to add when coming back from outside when your freezing going for a hot shower when your body is cold is that harmful?


" Is my mother just being skeptical or is there any truth in the matter?"
No, there is no truth in it whatsoever. If it were then there would be a queue of ambulances outside every gym. Gym patrons (nearly all of them) shower then leave immediately.


I am looking forward to seeing any replies to this one ;)
My grandmother used to come up with some wonderful 'advice'. When my mother was ill for some months, I had to live with my Gran, and was sent to school each morning in a liberty bodice under a vest, school shirt, woolly jumper and coat(June 1959(!!!!) and I was 5). She told me that if I removed the bodice I would catch my death of cold.No chance, but I certainly poached! At that timeI had nearly waist length hair - no hairdryers in those days - and after the Friday night hairwash I had to sit on the floor in front of the fire, rubbing my hair with towels until it was almost dry (and full of knots!!) - it was then painfully brushed andbraided to go to bed! I was not allowed into the garden during this process!
I think there may have been something more fundamentally wrong with your relative than a dose of a colddraft!
If going out after a shower were harmful, I think more footballers would be insisting on luxury changing rooms to lounge about in.......... although, I think they probably have those already!


i dont think taking a shower and then going outside can harm you if you have the right protection to go outside in the first place (ie - wearing a hat when your hair is wet)
as far as taking a hot shower after being out in the cold, i cant do it, i have to start off almost skin aches if i automatically do hot...
now for crazy stories (i chalk this up to urban legand - even though my hubby insists its true) my hubby had a neighbor (girl) who one day went out with a wet head without any protection, cuaght pnemonia and died within weeks.
i could see it if it were seriously cold (like frost bite cold)....

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