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Teeth Marks On Tongue Help!?

Ok my prob is i have had what you can call teeth marks aroun d my tongue, ive looked into this and some says its spleen problem, some say its digestive some say this some say that, there doesnt seem to be one cause for this, so my question is does anyone REALLY know what causes this and if so what to do to cure it
Thanks In Advance


i'm sure i read somewhere that this is a sign of dehydration... are you drinking enough water?
just a thought
xx sarah xx


Hi Sarah
Yeah i think i do, but whens enough enough lol,


I could be wrong but thought that a swollen tongue (i.e. teethmarks on it) waslinked to a weakened digestive system, are you eating all the right things?


This is a common symptom in Chinese Medicine's tongue diagnosis. I'm sure that you know that Chinese doctors use the tongue (as well as the five pulses) to diagnose? So if I were you I'd pop along to a Chinese Herbalist and get them to look at you. They'll give you some herbs for spleen qi deficiency. But you can help yourself by . Basically you avoid sugar and anything raw (this includes fruit).
Good luck!


Do you mean teeth marks on the sides? Like imprints around the tongue? I have that... I thought it was from sucking my cheeks all day & night...


It's normally a sign of deficiency of Qi, or a sign that your digestion isn't working properly and you're not getting everything you need from your food.
Meridianmoon xx


yikes! I have that too. I read it was due to spleen defieciency as well. I had my mouth checked out by a consultant ent man and he said I was ok. However, may give the alternative route a try.[:-][&o][:'(][8D][&:]
ps - sorry about overdose of smileys - I have a 5 year old "helper"!!!!


I have the same thing. I thought it was from keeping your mouth closed for long periods and a bit of dehydration.


My accupuncturist says it is to do with the Spleen but also from studying too hard. It is also refered to as 'Students tongue', she advised me to spend more time outside in nature instead of reading all the time. Gillian McKeiths book gives recommendations on diet to include items such as Aduki beans, squash, mung beans, kidney beans, millet, oats, beetroot, chichen, carrots fish, fennel, root veg .........
By the way it is reversable!


I am sure I read somewhere this is a typical characteristic of a certain profile in homeopathy...maybe is linked with anxiety, but not really sure on that one. also wonder if it wasn't linked with " a bad taste in the mouth"
Go and have a look in a Homeopathy good book, or ask a homeopath. It is sooo worth it.

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