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bruises taking forever to fade away!

i'm not sure if this is the right place to post my query but here goes anyway!:D
for well over a year now, i have noticed that whenever i get a bruise ( which is often because i'm soooo clumsy and don't look where i'm going!) it takes a very long time for them to fade away, even the superficial ones.
at present i have several bruises which weren't deep ones still on my leg and have been there for 3-4 weeks, whilst a deeper one i have on my other leg has been there for almost 2 months! its not like they are still looking like fresh ones, they have faded to a greyish colour but are still noticable.
i don't think i'm anaemic as my periods aren't heavy and i take a multivitamin which has iron added to it every day. for the last few weeks i have been taken a magnesium supplement too.
any thoughts to what may be the cause will be greatly appreciated.:D
warm wishes- calla lily x


you've just made me think.............(dangerous) .............but before I did my Reiki I I was always covered in bruises adn I could never remember where they came from.
Not any more.........
Sorry Calla Lily that's probably no help for you at all.
But have you tried Arnica?
PS How's your garden this year? Any bargains?


hi sharon [sm=wave.gif],
thanks for your suggestion about arnica cream as this remedy had completely escaped my mind ( which is not very hard thesedays..heh heh heh [sm=nuts.gif]!)
my garden is coming along nicely :D-the bargains that i rescued last year from the fate of being bunged on top of the compost heap have flowered again this year...not bad especially when they were only supposed to flower for one season only!
alas, my lilies aren't faring as well because the snails have taken a fancy to them [:@]so i think i need to introduce a " happy hour" by laying down traps of beer!!
warm wishes- calla lily x


my lilies are all in pots so I've no qualms about a few slug pellets, and now they are doing really well - I've only had one red beetle this year which was swiftly dispatched!
My garden is lovely at hte moment - we had such a late spring that everything's flowering at once and it's very wet, so it's all lush.:D


same here sharon :D, everything seems to of sprung into life almost overnight since the recent deluge of rain-can't say the same for me though benefiting from the weather![:@]
i've had a couple of nice surprises, one was a solitary grape hyancith which made its first ever appearance in the 3 years i have been living in my house, and the other was an unidentified plant which for the first time bloomed! i thought it was a weed at first but left it and i'm so glad i never pulled it out as it now seems it was a "proper" plant after all!:D
i've also got some green and white stripey grass which has been amazingly prolific and all of them came from just the one plant where i separated it into smaller ones:D
to date i have yet to see a lily beetle having a munch-thank goodness nature made them so vivid in colour , the little blighters!!
warm wishes- calla lily x


Would you like me to move this thread to the Gardening forum?:D It's no trouble at allto do that, and it's looking rather barren in there LOL :D
calla lily, you can also buy Arnica tablets ... I've never taken them but find the cream invaluable for hands after drumming ;)
Perhaps it might also be a good idea to have a word with your GP.

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