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Hi Mods - move this if you must but I could not find a gout forum
I have suffered from this nasty for many years with the occassional (random) outbreak. Once i recognise the twinges one or two of the pills prescribed by my GP (which I keep in stock) and the magic pills clobber it.
Just back form a week in Scotland in the Trossachs, just North of the Sassenach border, which for the uninitiated is the Highland border - if you were born and live in Glasgow you are a Sassenach although I know that Glasgow is well North of the English border. (most of the English don`t know how far !)
Anyway you may know that I have this politically correct (PC) cancer problem. It must be politically correct because HMG and the NHS are doing sod all to help us males find out about it.
So there I was packing for the hol. and stuffing all these cancer immune system enhancing supplements into my gear, and guess what I forgot - the gout pills that I have been carrying around for many years.
And the gout struck in the middle of the week.
You try driving 450 miles South (or North, east or west) with an attack of gout that could have been clobbered two days ago but has instead been getting worse.
On the other hand mods - if you do want to move it, I think that the jokes forum is probably appropriate.


Ooh, poor you! My husband suffered terribly from gout so I know what it is to see a grown man weep with pain...
I've been wracking my brain trying to remember what he used to take before he persuaded the GP to prescribe for him ... and, crazy though it may seem, I'm sure it was tinned black cherries. Important that they were tinned. However I can't remember what the important active ingredient was. Perhaps someone else will come up with the answer to that.
Hope the toe is getting back to normal sweetie!


Too much rich or fatty foods can irritate it profoundly. Try taking Pulsatilla as its a good remedy for it. If you dont know much about Homeopathic remedies then scout on the net and or visit your local health shop to find out more.Evex


Also Bryonia Alba- if around joints, tension in foot, swollen etc.
Best to speak to homeopath to ask for all symptoms and then go from there. Or if unable to then you can give me detailed synopsis of your prob and i can then search for right remedy for you! up to you

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