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I can't pronounce R

hello everyone,
My problem is a weird one, wondering if anyone can help me with this one.
I can't pronounce letter R and instead pronounce it as letter Y. I have had that all my life and it never really bothered me until now. Someone at work has spotted this and has been mocking and making fun. It is bit distressing but I take it as an oppurtunity to find out more about it and if it can be cured.
I am not sure if it can be cured, or if I should see dentist or therapist. Can someone help me!!!


Hi Changinglanes
I'm sorry that this sad individual is being so rude and heartless.
It's great that you are taking a positive attitude though.
Have you thought about seeing a speach therapist? Maybe they can help.
good luck


Welcome Changinglanes to HP. Sorry I cant help you with any info re your problem but sorry to hear the reaction you are getting at work. Is this person picking on you to cover their own problems? Maybe they have been the butt of jokes and jibes from others until you came so they are making a point of deflecting attention to you? Hope things can be resolved soon,
love and light
reikiangel xxx


i am sorry you are suffering. take no notice of the sad person at work their life is obviously so in order they can spare the time to mock others. This might help you. Stand in the mirror and say the alphabet
A, b, c d, etc when you say the letter really over emphasis it so A is aaaaaaaaeeeeeee beeeeeeeeeeee, ccccccccccccccc, dddddddddddd eeeeeeeee, when you get to q keryooooooooooooooo aaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
dont focus on RRRR say aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhrrrrrrrrrrrrr and focus on how your tongue is placed when you say each letter. the tongue plays a real important part in the sound and projection of the letter in question. you need to focus on R so say Rur rur rur in which case the teeth come right down to touch the bottom gums/lower teeth. so keep doing it. dont get frustrated with yourself just keep doing it. this was probably due to it not being picked up when you were small but that is not a worry. say words with r in rose, running, rabbit, red, raspberry, and dont be afraid of the sound. just keep focusing. take a break then come back to it. say to yourself i can do this, i can do this....and work with it. dont blame yourself for not being able to pronounce it. you can work with it. there are speech therapists who are properly qualified to help you and you may benefit from seeking advice from a qualified practitioner. i hope this goes some way to helping you and dont forget, you are a wonderful human being. and if you have any flaws, it makes you unique and sets you apart from everyone else.
with love


Haa i used to have the same problem when i was younger before i went to the logopedist i put my tongue against upperlip and did rrrr.
But with the logopedist and a lot of practise i learned to put my tongue at my upper jaw in the middle and then pronounce rrrr. Ok it sounds less strong as the rrr with the tongue against my upperlip but it really looks much better.
I hope you find the proper help and remember it does take practice (loud reading) to keep on doing it in the "right" way.
Good luck

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