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Eye drops question.

Is it normal to taste eye drops?
I have been putting my eyedrops in, then about 5 minutes later I get this acidy feeling at the back of my throat, I swallow, and I get a nasty taste at the back of my throat. I am putting it down to the eye drops. Is it normal? Is it safe?
In advance. Thanks.


HI Donna
I know that all the sinuses and nosel cavities are connected and also the tear ducts and the nose so it does makes sense - as to whether it is good for you I would ask your doctor or the pharmacist.
With love


Yes, eye drops do end up down the back of the throat - its a good sign that they've gone in properly and not run down your cheeks.


Yes I think it is quite normal. I have had antibac eyedrops and one of the "side effects" was a taste in the back of the throat. I don't think this is anything to worry about.

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