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I am really suffering with my haemorroids at the moment. Could anyone tell me how I can ease the pain. I have had them for a while now, and I have had the injection and 'had them tied' (v.embarrassing).
I am wondering if I should have the operation as I am hoping to try for a baby soon, and apparently this will make them worse.
Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


Oh you poor thing I sympathise with you greatly. I have them and when they are playing up it is such a draining feeling.
I have not tried this method but apparently laying down with your feet raised and a bag of frozen whatever on the painful area really can benefit the situation.
Mine have never been that bad for me to want any surgery or medical proceedures.
If I were you I would look them up on the internet. There are many reasons why they are paining you at the moment but primarily it could be a change in your diet.
Good luck and I hope you feel better soon.


Poor you[X(]
Info [link][/link]
natural remeday [link][/link]


One thing you may want to look into is squatting esp for defacating:
Have a look at the links below, whilst sitting on the toilet we tend to strain, but squatting does not rely on much if any straining. Look at children on their potties they squat, then guess what we then train them out of this and get them to sit. Same can be said for child birth, the reeason that women were laid down to give birth was for docotrs access and not for ease of delivery (gravity is a very powerful force and shapes our lives and if you work with it life and movemnts can be a lot easier)
i tend to squat on the seat, but otherwise get a small step (like kids use to reach the sink cost a couple of quid from ikea) put in front of the toilet and that raises the knees (hug them)

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