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Cold Water Dowsing

People go out in the winter and pour cold water over themselves, is it the water doing something special? Why not just go for a short walk in your shorts? Does the water ground the person?


What is this? Why would anyone want to do this? Please?


In Finland jumping into very cold water, then having a sauna is custom practice.
There must be some benefits - and yes, jumping into freezing water would certainly ground you, not to mention how awake you would feel. I think it also helps with circulation. The finnish have been doing it for ages so there must be something in it.
Love and light
Rosi X


Well they've got to do something through those long dark winters.


In Japan Zen followers stand under freezing waterfalls, in russia I have seen videos of its practice. I believe it helps with Qigong energy practice. A sidenote, the Lakota sioux indians live in northern climates and during the winter chop thru the ice to bath themselves in past times.

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