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Would 170 be considered a healthy height for 5'11?

Would 170 be considered a healthy height for 5'11?
I am looking at some charts and they say that 170 is healthy but pushing it. I was wondering what you guys think since that is my overall goal will i be deamed a healthy weight or should aim for lower?


depends on the body type and how much bf% you have. for me, the medical recommendation is somewhere around 150. but i'd like to hit 165 then begin the bulking and cutting cycles. all depends on you.




Im 6 ft and 170 is my goal weight...150 and 5'11 - 6' is way to skinny


my goal weight is 185 (after i cut down to 165 then bulk up and cut one last time). It depends a lot on ur build and bone structure.


i wouldn't go by weight. 170lbs @ 10% bf is not the same as 170lbs @ 25% bf.

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