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can u guys take a look at my workout and tell me what u think. thanks
Monday- Chest/Triceps- 12 sets of chest 9 sets of triceps
Tuesday- Back/Biceps- 12 sets of back 9 sets of biceps
Wednesday- Legs/Shoulders/Traps 12 sets of legs 9 sets of shoulders
3 sets of traps
Thursday- Same as monday
Friday-Same as tuesday
Saturday- Same as wednesday
sunday- rest
i also do abs a couple times a week. and i run mon, tues, thurs, and fri. Im currently cutting. would this be overtraining?


thats a good routine .. i use that one and another one.
besides that one when i switch i go to 1day per bodypart basically
Mon - Chest
Tues - Back
Weds - Biceps/shoulders
Thurs - Triceps/shrugs
Friday - Legs


thanks. i switch up sometimes with that one too

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