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Workout Schedule?

Workout Schedule?
When school starts here is my plan for working out.
Weekends - Off/cardio
Monday - Chest & Shoulders
Tue - off, due to working and classes
Wed - Triceps, Biceps and Forearms
Thurs - off
Fri - Legs and Back


what are you goals?
without knowing some back ground info all i can say is spread out your wednesday working, forearm, bi's and tri's in the same day is too much. work one of those each day you work out.


Personally I wouldn't work chest and shoulders on the same day. Benching can put strain on shoulder muscles and connective tissue. Perhaps chest & legs, back and shoulders.


Chest, legs and back are all major muscle groups and working them on the same day may be too much and negate any gains. If you have 3 days to lift, maybe try: legs & shouolders, back & bis, chest & tris. This groups a big body part with a smaller one. Work the large muscle group first when you have the most energy and finish with the smaller one.
This is the split I have been told to use when I only have 3 dats in a week to lift...

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