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You might be a typical here Christian if you...

You might be a typical here Christian if you...
You might be typical here Christian if you pretend that you were an atheist your entire life until one day you magically got a message from God that converted you. Preferably the conversion will be in your late twenties as to make atheists think you had enough time to do "tons of research". That way it makes it look as if you based your decision on evidence and research rather than familial and/or societal indoctrination. This hopefully will keep people from accusing you of being indoctrinated from childhood. While in reality you were a believer before actually seeing any "evidence" to support Christianity just like the majority of other Christians.
Add more, just for fun.
EDIT: And before mods start banning, and locking, take a look at this thread.


If your faith is so strong you don't even have to read the Bible to believe in everything it says, you are a here Christian.


You don't need evidence, all you need is assurance
(no overused joke)

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