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Working out on keto?

Working out on keto?
Should I not be trying to build muscle while on keto? I know this is a dumb question but the reason I ask is because I heard that I should not break the lactate threashold. So, do I need to lose the weight and THEN start weight training or can I do them simultaneously?


Give me one good reason to not work out...


Yes, you should work out on keto. You should go into the gym, lift hard, and when you are finished, go and do your cardio.
Keto has some advantages over other diets, but the diet doesn't exist that lets you sit on your bum and grow muscles. You've got to work for them.
The whole point of CKD is that you lose bodyfat while gaining muscle.
You may find you are struggling a bit for energy on your first couple of weeks, but you'll get over that and be able to hit the weights as hard or harder than before.
Go lift some weights.


Yes Yes Yes
I have been doing keto for about 3 weeks now actually induction from atkins. I went this route because I had a lot of success with ckd before and was put off lifting due to a knee flare up. I started back at the gym yesterday and to my supprise I have more energy then ever.
I lifted great for a first day back and am very happy. I have started adding back carbs 5 cals a week but am sticking to the basis of atkins which is much more restrictive then TKD or CKD which are made to lift programs. SO pick what works for you and if you lift through the initial energy loss you may be suprised at how much energy you will have when lifting.

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