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Charity dog tags

Charity dog tags
  Bit of a request really...
If anyone is expecting to pop into a Aldo store anytime soon could you see if they still do the HIV / AIDS charity dog tags? I know they have been out for a while now but I cant get hold of one anywhere. I dont have an Aldo store anywhere near me (typical!)
If someone could pick me one up that would be excellent. I dont have paypal but I can send concealed cash (They are only a few quid I think)
Feel a bit bad to request on here cos I'm abit of a newbie but I dont want to buy off e-bay cos I want to make sure the money goes to the charity.
PS hope you all have good weekends


I walk past one on my way home so I'll have a look for you


That would be fab if you could. Probably all gone though cos they have been out for a while!!:great:


They had big posters with Avril advertising them so should still be there I'm about to leave now so I'll let you know later!


Hello I got your dog tags I'll pm you so we can sort out getting them to you

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