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a ball gown

a ball gown
  Through my boyfriend's work we are going to a ball in the summer at a fancy hotel, although I don't think it is going to be super posh or anything. I've never been to an actual ball before, the design faculty at my uni never really takes part in the ball so no experience there.
Two questions really:
Firstly, do you think I have to go for a long length dress or could it be longer, or even cocktail length? People at uni reckon it is better to be a bit under dressed (as in shorter dress) than over dressed, but i'm not sure about the protocol, I should ask really...
And secondly, has anyone seen anything that might be appropriate? I don't really want to go down the Monsoon/Coast esque route, maybe have a look for vintage or could stretch to £300 for a Marc cocktail dress.
Any ideas or advice appreciated as it seems I can never dress myself. :rolleyes: :lol:


If it's anything like the balls I've been to, anything goes! If it were me, I'd go for a mid calf length dress - I was going to post a couple of ideas from NAP but the berluddy thing won't work, again :rolleyes:


I agree with Curls - pretty much anything goes in my experience, as long as it's 'smart'.
Have you looked on ebay/american ebay? There are lots of lovely vintage dresses on there.


How about something like this ?


For balls I go for more of a cocktail style dress but that is my personal preference, in the past I have had 2 backless calf length dresses (one black and one icy blue) a cut away back knee length dress and a satin with silk over lay fitted knee length dress that has long sheer sleeves. But anything as long as it is classy would fine. As you are unsure and it’s your boyfriends work I would go for understated rather than under dressed IYSWIM having said that I love this one which will certainly get you noticed. _id=37
A good idea would be to look at pictures from last years event, if you can get hold of them. But I think you will be fine as long as you pick a dress that you look at and see instantly its classy and you probably wouldn’t wear anywhere else.

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