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Cleavage Help!

Cleavage Help!
  1 Attachment(s) Hello girls. I am in need of a bit of advice!
I am going to an awards ceremony at the end of April and have bought the dress below (but in olive green with bronze/gold detail).
Unfortunately, I am not blessed in the chest area and as the top of the dress is quite structured, I am worried that it is going to fall down and reveal all! (I am wearing it strapless).
How can I 'bulk' myself up, so to speak... chicken fillets? Or can you get strapless Wonderbras? Would a Wonderbra even work - I am a small C-cup!
All advice appreciated! X


great dress!
I'm 34b and often want to be a bit more ;) so if it were me I'd wear a strapless push-up bra, marks and spencers ones are pretty good.
is the top of the dress boned?


Hi... thanks for your reply stockochoco!
The dress has a bit of metal running through the inside on each side, to help it keep its shape... so I guess it is kind of boned.
Hard to describe!
I will try M&S, going to head into town today. :)


You could try one of the gel filled strapless bras too, they usually work a treat! :)


and there's no chance of them 'falling out'!! ;)

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