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Cardigans and ballet flats

Cardigans and ballet flats
  Right, All I want is a grey cardigan, nothing fancy, just a grey cardigan, perhaps with a few pockets on the side, not unlike the ones I used to wear to school. Can't I get one? Can I feck.
I also want ballet flats in black (to replace the ones I'm wearing as they are split on the bottom and hurt), gold/bronze and silver. Despite everywhere having them the other week when I didn't want them, now nowhere in my town has them. I don't want all frills and stuff, I just want plain things, how hard can it be?
I'm also pissed off that my child catchers have been reduced in DP's by more than half! How annoying???
Rant over.


For the grey cardi, sounds naff but what about trying the schoolwear department at somewhere like John Lewis? I saw on in Marks and Sparks a little while ago, it was quite long, plain with a pocket either side I think.
The ballet flats, there's loads knocking about on Ebay if you don't mind buying them off there. I got a pair, not that long ago that seem to be glued to my feet for work.
Can't help on the reduced child catchers thou :D


Whats a child catcher? Sounds scary
Edited for the appalling spelling
maoam x


I got my black ballet flats from Office, they are so comfy. Have you tried there?


mens department of M&S or similar will have the cardigan you want - posher mens shops will have posher ones at posher prices;) Actually, a soft grey cashmere cardi has a certain appeal...
Ballet pumps - french sole do them all year round (that's all they do) otherwise Office or Scuh would be worth a go.

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