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2 questions - shorts & need to dye jeans

2 questions - shorts & need to dye jeans
  Mornin all,
First question, I got my dorothy perkins order this morning and got some black shorts. Quite short, but not micro or anything. I could never wear them with bare legs, my legs arent up to it (jelly peel:sick: ) but with a pair of black tights they look pretty darn hot!
So my question is - can i wear tights with them on a night out?
Thinking of weraing the TS/Faith/Aldo rip off Louboutins, 70 denier M&S tights, shorts and a black top, with a neckscarf (perhaps leopard print from warehouse) with big hair and smoky eyes.
But are 70 deniers on a night out a bit grannyfied?
(No suggestions for footless tights, they make me look stumpy, i need whatever i can to elongate these pins)
does anyone know where i can buy dye to dye my jeans from Lakeside?
x x x


No idea about the dye but the outfit sounds good!
I always wear tights with my short shorts or skirts in this weather and dont think it looks grannyish at all!!
Liking the leopard neck scarf and hair/eye make up!


I wear my city shorts with black diamond pattern tights and have had loads of compliments about it.
Outfit sounds great by the way :)


Sounds good to me.. I have been wearing tights with mine too
No idea about the dye sorry!


Woolworths sell Dylon dye - and there is a huge one upstairs by Debenhams at Lakeside.
Outfit sounds lovely.

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