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o/t mozilla browser

o/t mozilla browser
  I have both mozilla and explorer as browzers on my computer, but just want to switch to it ok to just delete explorer? Its just explorer always opens with messenger etc, which I don't want.... sorry :o I'm a bit of a technophope


I use firefox, but do find I have to revert back to IE for some websites, which dont yet work with firefox. I wouldnt delete it just yet!


ok, cheers chocolatejo! I'm just so rubbish at this type of this :o all I use on my computer, is, er word, google and the bag!!
Do you know a way I can transfer favourites over from explorer to the bookmarks section of mozilla, or would I have to do it all manual?


Ummm..............mine did it automatically when I set Firefox up............not much help there I'm sorry.
The techy forum in here (cant remember what its called now!) usually offers really good help - maybe pop over there


lol, cheers, I never knew there was one of them :o *tootles off*

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