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O/T Paul Mitchell

O/T Paul Mitchell
  I did post this in Hair and beauty, but only got one reply, and i'm sure someone here will have an idea.
Ok, I need to get my hands on Paul Mitchell wax works, and needs to be today (or I won't go into work tomorrow due to dodgy barnet syndrome:p ) I'll be popping into the west end later so if anyone knows where I can get some i'll be ever so grateful.
I know some salon somewhere will have it, but as I have my son with me I don't want to drag him all around oxford st randomly hoping for the best. Mr HB mentioned supercuts may sell it. Is there one in oxford st (or around that area) I did a google but nowt came up:confused:


There is a supercuts inside bond street station downstairs HTH :)
maoam x


Oh yes..comes to think of it. it's all coming back to me now as to where they all I gots to do is find out if they sell PM products and more importanly the wax i need:think:
Probably not open till 12pm in the west end, will give the wood green one a call, they should be open arond 10ish (if at all)
Cheers maoam

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