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O/T Oh dear!

O/T Oh dear!
  Just popped out to my local chicken shop and there was a guy in there acting veeery strangely.
There was obviously something wrong with him, he was the only one in the shop and the workers were looking at him bemused but I thought he was gonna thrust a knife in my back whilst I stood at the counter!!
He was looking at us all really strangely, as if we were gonna hurt him and muttering to himself and banging himself against th ewall!
If it wasnt for the fact I was so damn hungry (prob cos of my stupid new diet - see blog!) then I'd have gone to another takeaway joint, but nothin' comes between me and my chicken!
It just made me wonder just how many care in the community cases there are wandering the streets receiving no help.
Phew! I'm just glad I'm back home!


you poor thing, I always get freaked out when things like that happen near me :o
eta: ah, the good old 'apples' diet ;) I find adding it with black coffee seems to substain me pretty well during the day when I'm trying to lose a few lbs. just make sure you have a proper healthy meal in the evenings, else if you're anything like me, you'l wake up in the middle of the night STARVING and raid the fridge, undoing all your good work


Well I'm doing just great stuffing my face full of greasy chicken and chips! Tastes damn good though and hey, tomorrow's a brand new day :p
I think I burned off a few pounds power walking down my street in case that guy came over me so I think I may have broken even! :lol:


Oh dear, glad you're ok - that's scary, verrry unnerving - at least you got ya chicken though!


at least you got ya chicken though!
yep, the most important thing! :p In fact i need to stop typing with greasy fingers!!
Back soon!

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