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O/T Paint/Infraview help

O/T Paint/Infraview help
  How do I post 2 pics next to each other?
I have 2 pics I'd like to put on my blog and have opend up one in Infraview (then tried Paint) and have unsucessfully been trying to open up another pic and paste it right next to the first pic.
I'm trying to make a comparison between the 2 and it has a better effect if the pics are just side by side!
How do I do it?
Thank you! :)


Hi There what you can do is use the program paint. (windows)
Draw a little box ( using the tool next to the star) and then insert the first picture. You can then resize if necessary. Do the same for the second picture.
That should work
Danny girl :)


ok just read your thread properly :o
is the problem your having trying to import the picture?


Yeah I think so. I can get the 1st pic up, no problem. It's trying to put the 2nd pic right next to it that I'm having trouble with. It just replaces the first whenever I try and open up another window to "paste" or "copy" it :confused:


You have to draw another box next to it. right click on the box and select paste from.
does that work?

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