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o/t hotmail

o/t hotmail
  is any other hotmail user experiencing any problems with emails? I keep on getting mine 3 or 4 hours later than sent :uzzle: or not at all!


Switch to gmail - so much better.
I know it's not a solution to your problem but hey :D Gmail is just better :D


No, sorry ohara can't help - I've got Gmail and Yahoo! accounts. Can't stand Hotmail.


Ohara I have. And it only seems to be me, other people say theres come through instantly :(
I've got gmail as well and have had emails not come which I know have definately sent because I email myself from college if I need something from there.


Might sound silly - but do you have spam protection on? Your emails that you should be receiving may be filtered out. Likewise, maybe your college blocks hotmail?
My work automatically blocks email addresses with the extensions.

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